IPTables Traffic Forwarding with Docker

I recently had the use case for needing to forward all traffic on certain ports temporarily to a Docker container. I made a Visual Regression toolkit where I was deploying a stack of applications and during a specific time period

Lenovo X1 Tablet Linux

First off, surprisingly most things works on this! I'm using Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 What works: Keyboard Wifi Bluetooth Ports Brightness Keyboard buttons* Wake/Suspend** Trackpoint** *Can't swap function buttons or modify FnLk **Instructions to make work properly below What you

RancherOS on CloudAtCost

I'm going to be honest, cloud at cost offers a really cool pay once VPS. The issue is that they probably oversold and don't have OS support/customer care really. I've been wanting to have RancherOS on CloudAtCost for a

Simple docker ssh honeypot

I've been wanting an ssh honeypot for a while and decided to take a few minutes to set one up in docker for my deployment stack. I want to take time to write my own in GO at some point